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The DL Chronicles is a 2008 GLAAD Media Award-winning anthology film series by filmmakers Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett that began as an international Indie cult hit and was eventually produced for North American cable TV in 2007 (here!TV U.S. & OUTtv Canada).  

The DL Chronicles tells the stories of men of color who by consequence and by choice, live sexually duplicitous and secret lifestyles also known as, The Down Low. The former series is making an independent return after a four year hiatus from the big and small screens 
The DL Chronicles is back with ALL NEW stories!


We are offering the fans and supporters the opportunity to assist in bringing back The DL Chronicles with all NEW episodes! We are excited and ready to share a new direction for the show with ALL NEW stories, ones that entertain, scintillate, inspire, and CHANGE. YOU, the supporters, can be the producers! 


This is our 2014 fund-raising effort. We are excited to say that our 2012 fund-raising endeavor was successful at funding the NEW film, Thomas, which premiered in Hollywood, CA on March 22nd to rave reviews and a sold out crowd at the historic Grauman’s Egyptian Theater! Episode Thomas is now airing on demand internationally on Vimeo On Demand. We are extremely grateful to the individuals and companies who showed their unwavering support towards that goal. 
Nonetheless, we have five more EXCITING episodes left to produce to complete this season. 
1. Episode Thomas – Completed! 
2. Episode Rev. Lee – a tale of faith and sexuality. 
3. Episode Big Daddy – a tale of fame and truth. 
4. Episode Harvey – a coming of age tale of youth and first love. 
5. Episode Jared – a tale of sexuality and identity. 
6. Episode X – TBD 
We are now seeking a minimum of $250,000 in start-up funding in conjunction with outside sources for the series to enter into production on the remaining episodes! A minimum of $250,000 will help produce the full season; 6 half hour anthology films equaling for DVD and Video On Demand. If we raise significantly above the minimum of $250,000 those funds will go towards the production of a season 3!


To bring you the stories and the quality that you deserve and have come to know from The DL Chronicles, we simply need funds. Whether you give $5, $10 or more, those donations will pay for a light’s rental, an actors meal, a stack of Kinko’s copies, etc. Every dollar counts in production! We don’t have the muscle of a network behind us but we have the power and desire of the public. The power to create this series is in your reach by giving what you can and sharing your belief in this work with others. Be our producer! 


Visit to rent the film for $2.99! The more rentals, the less donations we need! 
Give what you can, $1, $10. $20, $100, $1000. No amount is too little or too much. 

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  • Pre-Production (Casting, Location Scouting, Production Insurance, etc.)
  • Production ( Cast, Crew, Production Equipment, Location Fees, Costumes, Travel, Catering, etc.)
  • Post Production (Editing, Sound Mixing & Design, Scoring and Soundtrack)
  • Distribution (Online Distribution Fees, DVD Authoring/Printing, etc.)
  • Public Relations & Marketing (Press Releases, Print and Online Advertising, etc.)


Thanks to the world wide web we are no longer confined to our TV sets and channels. The DL Chronicles RETURNS is currently not affiliated with any TV network. Our intended distribution avenues are as follows:

  • U.S. and International Theatrical Screening Tour in select cities
  • VOD (Netflix, Comcast, Blockbuster, Direct TV and more)
  • Digital rentals (Vimeo, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and more)
  • HD Streaming (Hulu, Xbox, PS3, Youtube, and more)

We believe that the viewing audience has the power to choose the images they want to see. Why should we wait for the networks to continue to undervalue and render us invisible? The funds for this series should come from the people who the series actually impacts. It should come from the thousands of people whose lives these stories portray. It should come from the fans because you have demanded it.

We want the end credits to say FULLY FAN PRODUCED!!!!